Taranaki Football Teen Represents New Zealand

Oskar van Hattum, the 16-year old that is living his dreams, has been soccer ‘mad’ from a young age. At the age of five, this young star put his future in motion. By the time he was of school-going age, Oskar was already playing soccer. The young man dreams of playing in Europe someday. Those dreams are being catapulted into reality, with his inclusion in the New Zealand team, that will tour the Solomon Islands in a few short weeks.

Chasing His Dreams

Oskar has always had a love and passion for the game. He currently attends school in Wellington, where he also plays soccer. He made the choice of leaving his family and moving to New Plymouth, where soccer opportunities were bountiful. The young man has spent countless hours honing his skills. His attendance at many training camps and trials is proof of his dedication to achieving his sporting career goals. All his efforts have undoubtedly not been in vain. The soccer star has won his place on the All Whites under-17 team. The chance to represent his country is an opportunity any young Kiwi boy hopes for, and his dream is coming true.

Where to from Here?

Oskar has always been surrounded by soccer. His father has been coaching the sport for as long as he can remember. Terry van Hattum has acknowledged that more and more Taranaki players have been selected to represent their country of late. Terry reiterates the sentiments of Oskar, in saying that New Plymouth is finally being given the recognition for all the hard work that they have put into the sport. While Oskar still dreams of Europe one day, for now, his dad is extremely proud of his achievements and excited to see him play like he knows he can. Wonderful to see such support for the avid sportsman in New Zealand.