New Zealand Football Lass Denied Permission to Play With the Boys

Dayna Stevens is a highly skilled and talented young girl. Her abilities in the sport of soccer are phenomenal. So much so, that she often receives abusive remarks from the sidelines, as she plays her heart out for her school team. Many believe that she is far too advanced to play a girl’s version of the school game. Her application to College Sport to join the best team in her school, the boys’ side, has been denied thrice. She becomes the first girl to be turned down in the last two years. Girls have been granted permission in many other sports in New Zealand.

Why the Big Refusal?

The reason behind the negative answer seems to be that Dayna is not adequately ranked in the national rankings. It is this ranking that determines whether a girl can compete on the level of the boys. A pretty weak excuse, considering the achievements and skill level of the young lady.

Disappointment for Dayna

Dayna is asking the question once more. She is quite right in wanting to know why she doesn’t make the grade. She has often practised with the boy’s team and has enjoyed a good number of pre-season games as part of the team. The boys are aware of her skills, and treat her the same as any other player. This on-field respect is also the reason for the confusion, regarding her rejection by College Sport.

Dayna rekindled the Glenfield College’s girl’s soccer team when she started her school career there. She has been selected to play on an international level for the secondary schools division. Stevens has taken part in the under-17 age group in football since the tender age of 13. The question has to be raised, as to why she has been denied. It seems she has all the right moves.