People think there’s magic involved in developing young talents. FC Barcelona, for example, is famous for its persistent development of young gifted talent. In the reign of La Masia, he turned numerous youngsters into formidable stars representing their teams and countries at an international level. Developing young players requires persistent and genuine leadership. In most cases, the grooming of future stars needs a person who can serve as a good example to them.

How to develop young talent

Here is a tested method on how to develop young talents.

  • Lead with transparency

As mentioned earlier, you must be of exemplary character to nurse a talent. Let the youngster learn integrity from you, let them believe in hard work and perseverance from you. Youngsters tend to be loyal, and it is important to groom them in an honest way that clearly reflects who they are and what they will be in future.

  • Trust youngsters with responsibility

Through new responsibilities, youngsters grow through practical learning, which is a very effective way of grasping new abilities. Always assign your young talents with tasks that will gauge their development. If they fail, they will learn how to do it correctly, and when they get to do it right, they will never forget it.

  • Let them be accountable

They may be growing, but that doesn’t mean that you have to always show the way. Don’t make excuses for them or be afraid to confront them just because they are youngsters. Let them know the feeling of being responsible for mistakes that can be avoided.

If they aren’t performing as they should, alert them, ask them questions, let them find out why they are letting themselves down, and rectify their shortcomings. Be wise, know when to rebuke and when to counsel. Don’t be too hard nor too soft on them.