Charlottesville Soccer is Leading From the Front

What started out as a social soccer gathering at Lambeth Field in Charlottesville has taken an entirely new direction. Many of the players are aged between 20 and 40 years old. They come from a variety of nations all over the world, which include the likes of Iran, Croatia and France. Some have experience playing soccer in college, while others are used to a more professional game. What they undoubtedly have in common, is that they have all settled in Charlottesville, and have fun kicking the ball around.

Neptune Soccer Classic in 2015

This group of avid footballers decided in 2015, to take part in the Neptune Soccer Classic, which is a regional soccer tournament held in Virginia Beach. The team went on to win in fine form. Next in their sights, was the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup. The tournament is well-known as one of the longest standing amateur football competitions in the United States. What had started out as a way to socialise, and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals, had turned into more than they could ever imagine.

Aromas Café

Aromas Café in Charlottesville owner, Hassan Kaisoum, has a reputation for soccer. He once played on an international level for Morocco. The quaint café owner attributes his survival, as an orphan, to the game. His teammates became his family and his closest confidants. The Moroccan has used his ability in soccer to hold many clinics and workshops around Charlottesville. The gentle soul was ecstatic at the opportunity to sponsor these brave players who had come so far. He maintains that supporting your community will ensure that they encourage you in return. Aromas Café proudly sponsored uniforms for the team, backing their pathway to the top. Charlottesville has a passion for the game and hopes that it will continue to be prominent in young lives. By providing safe places for young people to play, you can foster a love for the sport.