Betting On Soccer

Have you ever thought about the most popular sport in the world? Apparently, soccer has ranked the most popular in sport most of the countries in the world. Every match attracts a formidable audience that is loyal to the core. The sport has employed a lot of people in the world be it directly or indirectly.

In soccer betting, there is always a match to bet on no matter what time of day. This is also a multi billion industry that involves a lot of stakeholders. There are a lot of site like Casino Epoca App which offer a platform for soccer betting. The main reason behind soccer betting popularity is many people understand soccer. Of course, there is some bit of information you need to learn to be consistent in winning, but betting is relatively easy and straightforward.

How to Bet on Soccer

There is numerous way of betting on soccer, in this article we will explain the most common markets available on the most betting site.

  • Three-way money line

In soccer betting, there are rules at play that should be observed keenly. However, this is the easiest bet to wager as there are only three options. The options are the home team, away team or drew. Your work is to place your bet on the outcome of the game. It should be noted that the result is valid only for the official time of 90 minutes and some added injury time. In case of a draw and the match is again played for 30 minutes, the betting company ought to consider the result of the 90 minutes.

  • Betting on Goal Lines

The goal line is simply predicting whether the number of goals will exceed a certain limit or not. It’s a two-way money betting. The most common is 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5. A 0.5 market is simply asking you whether the number of goals will be over 1 or under 1.