New Zealand is a beautiful country. The nature, people and food are particularly wonderful. New Zealand has a long history of sports clubs and many New Zealand residents are active in at least one of them. The nation is becoming more and more passionate about football too. There are many amateur football clubs in New Zealand, which have teams for men, women and children. On our homepage, we offer an overview of amateur teams in New Zealand, recent news and information about football in New Zealand in general. Enjoy!

Amateur Football

Contrary to popular belief, amateur football does not comprise of players who do not know how to play. Amateur football simply refers to a league that is not yet registered for professional competitions. It can take a while until an amateur team or an amateur player is allowed to join the professionals. Nevertheless, it happens frequently that an amateur team or player joins the professionals. For example, Team Wellington of New Zealand’s capital have just recently qualified for the FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2018. This will take place at the end of the year 2018.

Amateur Clubs in New Zealand

How many amateur clubs does New Zealand have? The country has many territorial authorities, cities and smaller towns. Thus, there are a lot of professional and amateur football clubs. There are at least 70 officially registered amateur football teams in New Zealand. They differ in size and experience. Also, some have teams for women and children, some only for men or women.